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What forms does the divided life take?

How does my divided life effect me?

How does it effect others & the world?

Aliveness Suppressed - BREAKDOWN


Fortunately, There is an awakening to Aliveness happening around the world. And that’s what we’ll be focusing on here. In these crucial times, nothing could be more important than the quality of our individual and collective aliveness.  

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Everyone wants the good life; for themselves, their children and the world. And the more Aliveness we have, the closer that dream becomes reality.

But, alas we all, at some time and to some degree, experience a breakdown in aliveness. It gets suppressed. And, when that happens, we become less than who we are. Our deepest aspirations go unfulfilled, hope dies, dreams fade, we suffer and the world suffers.

John Robbins

Open Space Question:

  1. 1.How can you effectively deal with “BREAKDOWN”?

It leaves us less able to be of much benefit to the world. Should aliveness impotency spread around the globe, violence will grow, the environment will deteriorate, and it’s possible the human race may even end up destroying itself.

So, Aliveness becomes crucial—not only for our own well-being, but for the well being of the world as well.