WE are all in this together

This is where Aliveness naturally leads...

Serving the well-being of all life.

We are the creators

The Shift is upon us, and we are the Creators. The Shift begs us to question and seek out the answers.

        “Nothing so satisfies a life as knowing

                there is something to do,

                that one CAN do,
        and that is needed by the world at large.”

                       Philosopher William Hocking’s final words to humanity

Restoring and Expanding Aliveness

Inevitably, aliveness gets suppressed in all of us whether we are aware of it or not. We have the power to restore our innate aliveness and become more of who we really are—living with more meaning, joy, satisfaction and purpose; and having a positive impact on the future of humanity. Make “aliveness” in your life a strong passion.

A word of caution. Working on aliveness is not easy because we are so well socialized into a culture that suppresses who we really are–whole and powerful.

Striving for aliveness won’t work because you can’t strive for and have aliveness at the same time. You can only work on specific things that lead to aliveness. That’s the idea behind the “7 questions for self-examination”— exploring the things that stand a good chance of restoring and expanding your innate aliveness. 

“We Are The World”

When we are in the flow of aliveness,  we know how intimately connected we are with all Life. We are all One from the same source. And this leads to giving to the world what it sorely needs – love, healing and regeneration. In that we can celebrate

This shared celebration of aliveness expresses the power of community dedicated to make the world a better place.

what it is
suppressed aliveness
growing aliveness
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—growing with laughter, food and friends—

“celebrating diversity and our common humanity”

Ten suggestions for work that leads to “Aliveness”.
Make “more aliveness” in your life a strong passion  GO
Notice when you feel most “alive”          			GO
Work on these seven questions (print them out)	GO
Stay with the moment - no matter what 			GO
Be honest about the “aliveness killers” in your life   GO
Name and face what you fear      				GO
Make forgiveness a high priority 	                    	GO
Celebrate your connectedness - often			GO
Open yourself to possibility                                      	GO
Lighten up, stay flexible, and take some risks            	GOAuthenticity.html7_Questions.htmlMeditation1.htmlAliveness_killers.htmlOur_Deepest_Fear.htmlForgiveness.htmlConnections.htmlInfinite_Poss..htmlLighten_up.htmlshapeimage_10_link_0shapeimage_10_link_1shapeimage_10_link_2shapeimage_10_link_3shapeimage_10_link_4shapeimage_10_link_5shapeimage_10_link_6shapeimage_10_link_7shapeimage_10_link_8shapeimage_10_link_9