“Aliveness” is the source of inspiration and intention behind the greatest SHIFT movement humankind has ever known. 




  1. being in the flow; following your “bliss”

  2. being aware, paying attention, mindful,

  3. being compassionate; loving and kind

  4. being interconnected with all life

  5. being grateful


• our greatest fear

  1. a divided life

  2. some aliveness “killers”


  1. 7 questions for self-examination

  2. forgiveness

  3. meditations

  4. letting go of fear

  5. lighten up


  1. listening and doing good

  2. awakening the global heart

  3. being FOR what benefits all life

For reflection and discussion

When do you feel

most alive and powerful?

Release this deep fear and live more powerfully

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The aim here is to uplift, inspire, and stimulate...

  1. feeling more complete in the moment;

  2. spotting our own suppressed aliveness;

  3. making better and wiser choices;

  4. changing ourselves and the world for Good.

“Being whole and aware enriches our lives, AND gives to the world-at-large what is needed.”          


”Our deepest fear is not that we’re inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure!

It is our light...not our darkness, that most frightens us.”

Personal Aliveness generates wiser choices. It uplifts our lives, AND ripples out causing positive change in the world — and a SHIFT in direction.

Watch videos full screen and get their words to reflect on them.

Aliveness is “The Shift-Shaper

Notes on Aliveness: what it is

  1. 1.Aliveness is the opposite of feeling inadequate. We’re alive when we dare to be who we are—magnificent and powerful—living whole, fully in the moment with authenticity, sensitivity, compassion, gratitude and mindfulness.

  2. 2.Living authentically in the present moment runs deep—springing from the core of our being. Absent are the “aliveness killers” of dishonesty, delusions, violence and denial.

  3. 3.Being open, aware, and “in the flow” or “zone” of a life-giving energy that guides one in making good choices. Often the choices include giving to the world what it sorely needs – love, healing and regeneration.

Characteristics of Aliveness.

  1. 1.Sensing Connectedness: The “Law of One” is the original law of creation—the supreme law over all laws in all dimensions. “We are all ONE.” All beings exist intrinsically within and of the One-Source. It is love-based, and belongs to everyone of every creed. “He who experiences the unity of all Life sees his/her own Self in all beings, and all beings in his/her own Self.” Buddha

  2. 2.In the flow: Being in the flow of aliveness...

  3. When Joseph Campbell said, “follow your bliss,” he was referring to the state of aliveness where one is paying attention, being open, and “in the flow” or “zone” of making wise, generative choices.

  4. 3.Happiness.

  5. 4.Mindfulness: Moment by moment and non-judgmentally, mindfulness can be practiced anytime, anywhere. Mindfulness Affirmation
    I feel fully connected to my experience in the here and now.

  6. I accept and embrace all unpleasant experiences.

  7. I see my mistakes and difficulties without judging them.

  8. 5.Attraction. Attracting What We Want
    Awakening to aliveness, we can decide what it is we really want. And focusing on that, we attract it into our lives.

  9. 6.Compassion. (Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.) We all have the same deep longings and aspirations.)

  10. 7.Gratitude. Radical Gratitude...
    A shift to radical gratitude will generate peace and joy on earth.                         Are YOU ready to experience inner peace and joy beyond your wildest dreams?     Gratitude for the hundreds and thousands of people that have had a hand in the fulfilling of what we need, enjoy and love. Thank you.
    Being grateful for the ability to respond compassionately to those with mental and physical disabilities.

Isn’t it interesting that those less well off still find much they are grateful for.

Follow Your Dreams


Anything that is essential to life is vital.

The energy, activity, and alertness of aliveness
uplifts the soul and inspires greatness.


Aliveness is deeply embedded in our souls. When it gets suppressed, we become less–and give less to the world. The more it is restored, the more meaning, purpose and joy shows up in our lives, and the more we are moved to serve the world.