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We are all diminished to some degree by these aliveness suppressors. We fall into many of them unconsciously; out of a well rehearsed habit of self-evasion, manipulative tactics or self-absorption.

In all cases they suppress personal happiness and well-being, stifle the courage to be, diminish our humanity, and poison the world.

At the foundation, FEAR is a huge factor.

We ALL have some of these

We ALL have some of these


When you see an aliveness killer in yourself, place the cursor over it to pause.

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What are these aliveness Killers

that stifle our lives, deaden our souls, and reduce our effectiveness?


Look at the Aliveness killers as they scroll by. Roll the cursor over one you recognize in yourself and think about it. (If none apply to you, question your honesty.)

So, there are many; fear, rage, denial, dishonesty, ignorance, self-delusion, distractions, addictions, separation, living mostly in the past or future, etc. 

We see extreme cases in politicians who lie to voters, executives who cheat retirees out of their savings, clerics who rob children of their well-being, etc.

No one thing may stand out, but the consequences could be serious if millions or billions of people are diminished and rendered ineffective in carrying out their responsibilities.

Print out these “7 Questions” as a guide for working through and beyond these killers to more aliveness. 


”Our deepest fear is not that we’re inadequate.

Our deepest fear is

    that we are powerful beyond measure!

It is our light...not our darkness,

    that most frightens us.”

And, as this fear falls away, possibility opens up;

We begin to live more fully. Aliveness settles in,

Life gets better, and the world benefits.

Open Space Question:

1. What are some specific aliveness “killers” in your life, and what are you doing about them?

Denying and avoiding “what is”, is a recipe for anxiety, dissatisfaction, bad choices, bad habits and disaster. A major part of personal growth is awakening from that denial.