The Law of Attraction

There are unlimited ways we may choose to act.

The Law of Attraction

Attracting What We Want

Awakening to aliveness, we can decide what it is we really want. And focusing on that, we attract it into our lives. And that’s empowering.

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living whole and fully present


B2– 7 Questions The more we focus on these seven questions, the more likely it is aliveness will show up in our lives. (Print the page, and pass it on.)

B3– In The Flow of Aliveness

B4– Being Present.

B5– Being Inclusive

B6– Deep Connections.

B7– The Law of Attraction

B8– Compassion

B9– Gratitude

B10– Mindfulness

B11– Aliveness and Happiness

On Abundance and Trust.

  1. Circumstances don’t matter - only state of being matters   Bashar