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“Nothing so satisfies a life as knowing

                there is something to do,

                that one CAN do,
  and that is needed by the world at large.”

Philosopher William Hocking’s final words to humanity


Here we seek to inform, inspire, and stimulate

  1. seeking out truth about the way things are;

  2. re-examining assumptions in your belief system;

  3. rethinking how you can and will seek change;

  4. aligning with others to make a change needed.


Out of aliveness, passions rise for doing what’s needed by the larger sustaining whole. And, therein lies the hope for a future worth living—a Shift Movement like the world has never seen.

Celebrate a better future

So, what do you hope for 5, 25, 50 years out?

And, what kind of world do you want the children and their children’s children to inherit?

“I BELIEVE YOU have the power to change the world”

“I believe ordinary people can do extraordinary things”


What will it matter if we find water on the moon and send people to Mars, when life-support systems on earth can no longer sustain us here? How foolish are we?  The future of life on earth hangs in the balance.

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Becoming A More Effective Shift-maker

How does our collective personal aliveness hold the power to shift the direction the world is taking - and will we do it?

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The task isn’t that easy, but if we can’t sing and dance along the way, there’s little chance for having any meaningful impact on the serious challenges we face today.

“celebrating diversity and our common humanity”

To ACT or not to ACT

Which choice poses the most to lose?

a) to shift our direction and it later turns out it was unnecessary?

b) to withhold shifting direction, and it later turns out we should have?


What do you hope for 5 years out? 10 years? 50 years? What kind of world do you think we’ll leave to all the children and their children’s children?

The Shift - It’s happening

We are in the midst of what is perhaps the greatest movement in human history.


EARTH ANTHEM - 1 This celebration of aliveness is an expression of a community’s energy for building a better world.


Ten suggestions for stepping up your “Shift” work.
Pay attention to the way things really are—the truth.       GO
Reflect on what the “big picture” means for Life           GO
Examine your abilities to effect change                          GO
Name your purpose relating to the Shift.			GO
Enlist (or join with) others having a similar purpose. 	GO
Agree on principles relating to purpose.			GO
Set goals you think are worthy to work on.			GO
Create flexible strategies & tactics.		                  GO
Stay open to new inputs and adaptive change.		GO
Rethink work that ceases to be personally satisfying.	GOTHE_SHIFT_A.htmlTHE_SHIFT_B.htmlNew_Thinking.htmlWhat_you_think.htmlEncourage_words.htmlShift_Principles.htmlWhat_you_think.htmlshapeimage_25_link_0shapeimage_25_link_1shapeimage_25_link_2shapeimage_25_link_3shapeimage_25_link_4shapeimage_25_link_5shapeimage_25_link_6shapeimage_25_link_7shapeimage_25_link_8shapeimage_25_link_9

BELIEVING in the power YOU have to change the world”

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