Create A Private Collaboration



This is a remarkable internet service that enables you to collaborate with others (a group, community, organization, friends) on anything and it’s absolutely FREE to use. You can click on to set up your own writeboard that is independent from this web site.  To keep it private, give it a password which is known only by those you invite to participate. 

“Writeboards” are shareable, web-based text documents that let you save every edit, roll back to any version, and easily compare changes.  There are no limiting boundaries, expenses, or time constraints. (See example below.)

So, if you do that, we would appreciate your sharing the final document with us via this email.


Click to give their email         addressses

Click to make comments

Click to edit document

See a live Writeboard at The password is gco

OR - click on to set up your own writeboard

Check 2 versions and click to compare them.


You can do this