“Earth seen from space is small, fragile and precious. How petty our squabbles are. Oneness is our humanity......This blue planet is a most delightful habitat. It’s life is our life. It’s future is our future. Our mother earth teaches us responsibility. You have an effect. Each action inspires others.”     Dalai Lama


Paying attention we move closer to the truth—that we are not superior, not even separate from the natural world. And we have to ask, what is OUR unique role in making sure All Life survives and flourishes? We are conscious beings, and most certainly have enough brain power to figure out what we have to do.

Dalai Lama’s VISION for a Compassionate future.

“Many truths; many religions. What matters is to be good, kind and warmhearted. A deep sense of caring, and a profound awareness of interconnection is the essence of all great religions. We are all connected.”

Deep Connections With The Natural World

Research shows we are fundamentally and deeply interconnected with each other.

When we are feeling positive emotions, the heart sends a positive message to the brain. So, the emotions we feel really do make a difference.