Aliveness: Living fully and powerfully

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Open Space Question:

1. In what ways do our lives get “divided”, how does it affect us, and how does the world suffer?




A1–The Many Aliveness “Killers”


The divided life hides the truth. In Parker Palmer’s book, A Life Lived Whole, he writes, we hide our true identities and become separated from our own souls. We end up leading “divided lives”,  far removed from our birthright wholeness.

As a
result we suffer, and the world suffers. It makes us less than who we really are—separates us from the world and each other, warps our judgement and twists our sense of meaning and direction. We make ineffective choices, and things just don’t happen as we hoped they would.

We drag our feet, and find it difficult to “get our lives on track”. 

•    We make our living at jobs that violate our basic values;

  1.    We remain in settings or relationships that steadily kill off our spirit;

•    We harbor secrets to achieve personal gain at the expense of other people;

•    We hide our beliefs to avoid conflict, challenge, and change;

  1.     We conceal our true identities for fear of being criticized, shunned, or attacked.

  2.     We brush off what the world needs, or they aren’t even in our sights.

The divided life, at bottom, is a failure of human wholeness. It is a wounded life, and the soul keeps calling us to heal the wound. Restoring our innate Aliveness is the cure, and it’s also what humanity sorely needs to survive and flourish.


The Divided Life

Parker Palmer

Everyone wants the good life; for themselves, their children and the world. The key for fulfilling that dream, is found in and through our personal and collective Aliveness. Without that, any future for the human race is questionable.

Fortunately, There is an awakening to Aliveness happening around the world. And that’s what we’ll be focusing on here. In these crucial times, nothing else seems more important. 

The point here is that it is possible humankind will self-destruct UNLESS ENOUGH of us wake up from our suppressed aliveness to SHIFT our own, and the world’s, direction. How many is “enough”? No one can ever know. But, we CAN be ONE of them.

Living whole is not synonymous with happiness, but we’re most happy and effective as a human being when aliveness is springing forth from the depth of our being.