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  1. Peak Oil Primer. Many facts and perspectives.

• In England, “Transition Towns” is a good example of Redesigning Community.
Check it out. Could it be transplanted here in the U.S.?

MORE VIDEOS AND QUESTIONS: (for reflection and discussion)

(Al Gore) We Can Solve It / Big Oil Lobbyists

  1. Toxic Free Fabrics. On what principles should we make things?

  2. Miniature Earth. How could redesign affect how we live?

  3. What ought to be design’s foundational ideas?

  4. How could our infrastructures be redesigned to support sustainable growth?

  5. How does a shift in intention translate into reshaping our institutional systems, their policies, incentives and disincentives?


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Rethinking Globalization

New ways to play the game more sanely for the betterment of all societies.

Reform the Economy

Name where we want to go and re-design how to get there.

Below is an interview series on “Ethical Markets TV” moderated by Hazel Henderson

Listen to “big picture” thinkers talk about some fundamental economic changes needed in the world

Growing the Green Economy

What we can do to grow the green economy.

Clean Energy Technology

Ecological design, clean cars, solar, wind,  designs from nature.

How do you see yourself enhancing what works for the benefit of life?



  1. Stakeholders

  2. ... When aware, we all have a vested interest in THE SHIFT, including business.                            CERES

CERES is a good example of an organization working with business to build a truly sustainable economy.

The Natural Capital Institute

is a team of researchers, teachers, students, activists, scholars, writers, social entrepreneurs, artists, and volunteers committed to the restoration of the earth and the healing of human culture. We do two things: we describe pathways of change in books and research reports, and we create tools for connecting the individuals, information, and organizations that create change.

WiserEarth, a project of the Natural Capital Institute, serves the people who are transforming the world. It is a community-editable international directory and networking forum that maps and connects the largest movement in the world the hundreds of thousands of organizations and concerned individuals that address social justice, poverty, and the environment.

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O vision: designing and living under life-centered economic systems

O what we make and how we make it is related to the Shift (ex: organic fabric).

O food: how it is grown, where, and how it’s distributed is a Shift focus.

O measuring progress differently from the GDP

Les Brown in his book, Plan B, observed that for every problem facing humanity, there’s a working solution somewhere in the world. BUT, the blockages to their implementation are staggering. There is a lack of getting the word out. Special interest groups have a heavy influence on public policy. And at the top of the list is ourselves; the human tendency to resist change.

For Reflection and Discussion

What if we were able to break those barriers? How might it happen? Who is stepping up to break them? What part could “I” play that I’m not now doing?

How can WE help break the blockages to THE SHIFT?


relating to building a more just, compassionate, spiritual fulfilling and sustainable world.

O vision: O create: O organize:

O educate: O support: