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Where will YOU be educating?


Hear this 12 year old who traveled 5,000 miles to deliver a message to The United Nations  Earth Summit in 1992.  Severn Suzuki said, “We are here to tell you adults that you must change your ways, because you are deciding what kind of world we will grow up in.”

Severn Suzuki

  1. Ceres

  2. ... When aware, we all have a vested interest in THE SHIFT, including business.                            CERES

CERES is a good example of an organization working with business to build a truly sustainable economy.

A scientist, Sylvia Earle, warns us of the consequences harmful actions we humans are perpetuating on our oceans.

  1. Educating people about our impact on the oceans

  1. 14th Annual Peace Prize Festival

  2. Celebrating Peace Sites around the world.

Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream

Symposiums being held around the world.

The Pachamama Alliance

Mode of Action relating to building a more just, com-passionate, spiritual fulfilling and sustainable world.

  1. Educating: consciousness raising; truth seeking; awakening; alternative perspectives; values exploration, assumptions questioning; possibility thinking.