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The divided life, at bottom, is a failure of human wholeness. It’s a wounded life, and the soul keeps calling us to heal the wound. Restoring our innate Aliveness is the cure, and it’s also what humanity sorely needs to survive and flourish.      Parker Palmer

The Empty Self



When our wholeness is suppressed we look outward for our identity; for some-one or something that can give us meaning and satisfaction. 

The result is a false sense of aliveness, self assurance and security.

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Parker Palmer - “THE EMPTY SELF”

As Parker Palmer says, “The empty self” is a self living in fear. To fill the void, one looks to get an identity from the outside; not from within. Be wary of someone who says, “follow me; I will save you.” That only makes us more susceptible to others seeking to take advantage of our diminished selves.

We see extreme cases in politicians who lie to voters, executives who cheat retirees out of their savings, clerics who rob children of their well-being, etc.

As a side note, a strong democracy requires a constituency of people with healthy identities found from within.

This short video is a good example of

overcoming one of our deepest fears

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We are more than we think we are

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No one thing may stand out, but the consequences could be serious if millions or billions of people are diminished and rendered ineffective in carrying out their responsibilities.

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Many of the world’s most serious problems can be traced to a debilitating state of powerlessness.

Open Space Question:

1. What would our lives look like in the absence of  aliveness killers, and what keeps us from going there?