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we are
One people, One family, One planet, with One Chance.
“We come together as brothers and sisters, not to blame, complain or demean, but to uplift, inspire and activate our individual and collective aliveness for the benefit and well-being of all life, including our own. No ideology, religion, political persuasion, or differing socio-economic backgrounds separate us.  We are One people, One family, living on One planet, 
with One chance to make it.”

Aliveness awakens the global heart

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It takes just “enough” aliveness
for the “Transforming Shift” to take root and grow.

“Nothing so satisfies a life as knowing

                there is something to do,

                that one CAN do,
and that is needed by the world at large.”

Philosopher William Hocking’s final words to humanity

Howard Zinn said it well. “If we do act in however small a way we don’t have to wait for some grand utopian future. The future is an infinite succession of present moments, And to live now, as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory.”

The age of “issues” is over. Issues lock us into the problem, and it never gets solved.

The age of solutions is here. Start with a dream, which takes you into the realm of possibility.


What’s important is deciding to live your life in a way that matches your passion, meaning and purpose. And, only you know what that is.

You Know What Your Next Step Is

The age of “issues” is over. Issues lock us into the problem, and it never gets solved.

The age of solutions is here. Start with a dream, which takes you into the realm of possibility.

“I am only one

But I am one.

I can not do everything

But I can do something.

And because I can not do everything

I will not refuse to do something that

I can do.”

                            Helen Keller



  1. 1.Seeing the way things are—more clearly.

  2. 2.Giving up assumptions no longer relevant.

  3. 3.Serving the sustaining whole.

  4. 4.Becoming part of a loving community.

  5. 5.Redefining true “success” for you.

  6. 6.Speaking for those not yet born.

  7. 7.Having discussions on what’s important.

  8. 8.Being part of systemic change.

  9. 9.Active in ending all wars and violence.

  10. 10. Support eco-sustainability.


  1. a huge movement

  2. your thinking matters

  3. encouraging words

First select a category...

  1. Economic, Environment, Peace, Political, Social-Spiritual

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  1. O visioning:  O creating:

  2. O organizing: O educating:

  3. O supporting:

Encouraging Words


In order to turn a large ship in a different direction, a small change in the trim tab will move the large rudder for making the turn. The “turning ship” is a metaphor for The Shift. If we’re smart, we will activate a series of “trim tabs” for altering humanity’s errant course.

We Can Never Know The Full Ripple Effect of An Action

The Ripple Effect: 7:39  We can all find reasons why not to act. And some are quite logical. But, if we don’t act, we can never know the ripple effect of what we might have done.

So, never underestimate the potential of a well designed and timely action. Create a tide that will raise the level of Consciousness on this planet. Read “The Trim-Tab Factor” (below).

“Hopeful In bad times”

                 by Howard Zinn

“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, that is the only thing that ever has.”                                                                    

Margaret Mead