Les Brown in his book, Plan B, observed that for every problem facing humanity, there’s a working solution somewhere in the world. BUT, the blockages to their implementation are staggering. There is a lack of getting the word out. Special interest groups have a heavy influence on public policy. And at the top of the list is ourselves; the human tendency to resist change.

What if we were able to break those barriers? How might it happen? Who is stepping up to break these barriers? What can WE do about them?

Movies and Questions:

  1. Repower America. 100% renewable energy in 10 years...Are we up to the challenge?

  2. Vote with your money. By voting with our money for the things we value we become part of The Shift.

  3. Localize Food Production How is this congruent with sustainability?

  4. Food Policy by Michael Pollen. How does policy make a difference?

  5. Global warming and you. Is it real?

Related Web Sites

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  2. Materials Matter: a recycling idea that works. William MacDonough

  3. Living Economies - a new paradigm.

  4. Oil4Peace.com How synthetic lubes lessens our foreign depend-ency on oil

For Example

Richard Heinberg on relocalizing our economies

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The Shift to Renewable Energy

William McDonough identifies just how bad human designed systems are. He then goes on to show what he’s doing about it.

Is there any part of what he’s saying that arouses your passion?

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O vision: designing and living under life-centered economic systems

O what we make and how we make it is related to the Shift (ex: organic fabric).

O food: how it is grown, where, and how it’s distributed is a Shift focus.

O measuring progress differently from the GDP


relating to building a more just, compassionate, spiritual fulfilling and sustainable world.

O vision: O create: O organize:

O educate: O support: