Intention can change the world

WE are all in this together

The Power of Intention for good

We are the creators

The Shift is upon us, and we are the Creators. The Shift begs us to question and seek out the answers.

Intention: Aware and Awake

Motivated by a sincere desire to spread goodness, we will be drawn to those choices that will help us express our commitment to universal well-being.

Intention is specific. Its direction is clear and concise.

Intention is the main crux of how this Universe operates.

Aliveness and Alignment

Like a single cell in our big toe has an interest in serving the toe AND the whole body at the same time - so too, a person has an innate interest in simultaneously serving the Self AND the Whole which sustains our lives. That’s how nature is designed to work. We either align with it, or continue in defiance toward unbearable catastrophic consequences.

For thousands of years, we’ve been moving and more and more off course–distancing ourselves from the Whole that sustains our lives.

To move back into alignment with nature’s universal and non-negotiable laws, humanity will have to “Shift” its course in order to survive and thrive long term. Getting back to our innate aliveness is the path for doing that.


Aliveness is deeply embedded in our souls. When it gets suppressed, we become less–and give less to the world. The more it is restored, the more meaning, purpose and joy shows up in our lives, and the more we are moved to serve the world—with focused intention.