Aliveness: Living fully and powerfully

Shift Movement: Inspirational


Lighten up...

What forms does the divided life take?

How does my divided life effect me?

How does it effect others & the world?

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Word of caution: Aliveness appears    when you aren’t thinking about it. Think about it and you’ve lost it. So lighten up. Think instead about those things you know relate to aliveness; like what gives you joy, what you love, what you appreciate, service to others, the search for truth, meaningful work, etc. And let Aliveness show up in its own time.

Higher Consciousness Shifts Perspective

  1. Higher consciousness lives in the spiritual realm. It is where Aliveness is experienced. From there we make the shift, individually and collectively. 

  1. How often do we quickly respond to outer demands instead of creating inner Space for the answers to come forth?