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WORKING ON OURSELVES “Working on ourselves together” sounds like an oxymoron. How can we possibly do that when our individual issues differ so much? As I said earlier, our separate challenges are all connected to the same deeper underlying issues. And there we discover our common humanity. We are more the same than we are different. We all have the same inherent drive to survive and thrive—the same deep aspirations that we yearn to fulfill. At the very deepest level, our true natures are the same regardless of our complex individual idiosyncrasies. That goes right to the core of the compassion we have toward one another. As a community working on ourselves, we:

  1. 1.acknowledge and accept where we are right now.

  2. 2.are honest about our experience in order to work through them.

  3. 3.have compassion for ourselves and others.

  4. 4.keep a sense of humor, because we all have dysfunctions.

  5. 5.stay committed and determined to grow healthier.

  6. 6.stay assertive—not afraid to ask for what we want.

  7. 7.stay honest to prevent self-deception from kicking in.

  8. 8.let go of many things that are not important.

  9. that we have everything we need to be happy.

  10. 10. create new rules [of behavior] we want to live by.