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Quiet yourself, turn down the cultural volume, and let a higher self emerge

Regaining aliveness is probably humankind’s only route to survival, meaning and fulfillment.

Being connected with the beauty of All Life - that is you!

Being Inclusive: Virginia Fitton

In a state of Aliveness, personal identity is expanded to include the larger whole. Every life is a whole, and a part of a larger whole that sustains all parts. Thats how nature works; that’s how community works. And community is the relationship required for a world that works for all life.

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Being Responsible: What it means to be responsible from a personal perspective.

One life to live. What are you doing with it? Seeing your relationships with people. Is blame present? Reconciliation. What is so? Are you open to seeing needs and letting them touch your heart? What is your voice saying?

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Moment by moment, the “waves of life” keep coming; each one unique, full-of-life, eternal.