Self-organizing isn’t new. All life is self-organizing—ALL THE TIME—but it is not always effective. Sometimes it is self-defeating. We come closest to effective self-organizing when our actions serve BOTH our true self-interest AND the larger sustaining whole at the same time. The more automatic this becomes, the closer we get to a world that works for everyone.

Self-organizing in community works best in a trusting, encouraging atmosphere where one feels free to give voice and action to personal passions. In this kind of “open space”, personal growth is fostered, deep aspirations realized, relationships nourished, and community life enriched. “CORE SHIFTS” happen and what seemed IMPOSSIBLE becomes POSSIBLE.

The invitation here is to use these pages as grist-for-your-mill to grow in aliveness and engage in humanity’s shift to a more life-giving existence. Your Heart will let you Know what your passion and responsibility is in this self-organizing adventure.

As you RETHINK POSSIBILITY many choices will show up; the direction you want your life to go in, what you want for the world and your part in it, and what you will be doing from moment to moment. Any movement on your chosen path is itself “success”, whether you arrive at a named goal or not. As your choices and resolve strengthen, meaning, satisfaction and joy also grow—especially when they are aligned with our common humanity.


“Once we were weak, but now we stand tall;

millions of citizens heeding the call

demanding our freedom the first right of all...”

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On a personal level, it all begins with people getting together to have purposeful, relevant conversations. Find more on “OPEN SPACECONVERSATIONS leading to meaningful exchange, better choices, and effective actions.

Buckminster Fuller said, You never change things by fighting reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Sounds like it might work.


We all do our best to be happy and fulfilled, as we watch many societies, perhaps even our own, crumbling into who knows what—oblivion? In which case nobody’s aspirations would be realized. Not a good scenario.

It will take millions of people connecting, speaking out and acting together to bring about a world that works for everyone—a monumental shift we can’t even imagine.

If “enough” people with passion and responsibility forge enough of the right kind of shifts, we can realize a brighter, life-giving future.

Occupy Wall Street—example of the power of a self-organizing movement

Aware people taking action