Aliveness: Living fully and powerfully

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Truth Dispels Fear


A–Aliveness Suppressors


A1–Letting Go Of Fear

A2–The Many Aliveness “Killers”

When we’re most happy...

Living whole is not synonymous with happiness, but we’re most happy when aliveness is springing forth from the core of our being.

Letting go of fear

It is not easy work, rejoining soul.

As we move closer to the truth that is embedded deeply within us—we see that fear only exists in the mind. Letting go of fear opens up aliveness,  and life takes on new meaning, joy and satisfaction. 

It is YOU creating your reality.

“Stay clear of fear. Create your own reality. Experience your self. Your freedom of thought is determining your health.

Look inside when your looking for help. Realize with your mind you’re designing your shell.”

Infinite Possibilities

Knowing we are intimately connected with all Life; all One from the same source, we see everything differently. We see ourselves in one another, and infinite possibility within us all—even in the face of storms.


Aliveness is the experience of living whole; being fully present—authentic, sensitive, compassionate, grateful and mindful. It’s being “in the flow” or “zone”—aware and open to life’s guiding energy for doing the right thing; including giving something to the world that it sorely needs – love, healing and regeneration.

Our deepest fear is that we are more than we dare to be.

As this fear falls away, we begin to live more fully, and open up to possibility; aliveness settles in, life gets better, and the world benefits.

Our deepest fear does not serve ourselves, nor the world.

Being in the flow of aliveness...

is Knowing we are intimately connected with all Life; that we are part of nature—not separate and above it—and that Life is full of infinite possibilities.

One thing that keeps us from living powerfully. . . is fear!

The magnificent of your being

There is a part of you that remains in a non physical being—your inner being; your soul. There is wondrous guidance available to you in this area. You will be guided step by step to an awakening to the total you.

“I see the light” - Neil Diamond

Famous “Failures

who learned from their experiences.

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This short video is a good example of

overcoming one of our deepest fears

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What fear(s) hold you back from doing what you would like to do?