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Astronauts reflect on earth’s meaning.

The Big Picture perspective changes everything. Our commonality is found in Nature’s fundamental principle that everything is connected; we are each a whole and part of a larger whole that sustains all Life. We are one human community that will survive and thrive together as brothers, or none of us will.

The Big Picture Changes Everything!

  1. Under the Big Picture, a narrow selfish perspective is increasingly detrimental to the well-being and longevity of all life on the planet.

  2. As millions awaken from their own limited view to seeing everything from a larger perspective, “The Shift Movement” rises in numbers and passion. The deeply embedded drive to survive and thrive is aroused and activated.


The Big Picture is our interconnectedness with all things and each other. No matter what your creation story is, we are One people, One family, and One Earth–our only home. For the continuance of all Life, this is what Earth might tell us if it could speak your language:

“Listen up...This is Earth speaking

  1.    I am a living, breathing organism functioning to support all life, including

  2.    You do not have dominion over me. I am the Big Picture you must take into
         account in all your decisions.

  3.    You are One family on this planet—all part of me. What you do to me, you
         do to yourselves.

  4.    You can no longer fail to get along. Either you are all going to survive and
         thrive together as brothers, or you will all die together as fools.

  5.    You foolishly fight futile, wasteful, and destructive wars that drain your
         ability to focus on and care for the whole and each other.

  6.    You ignore me and let the four beasts of Ego, Envy, Avarice and Ambition
         dominate your thinking and behavior—to your own peril as a species.

  7.    You must either align yourselves with my universal and non-negotiable laws
         or suffer unbearable catastrophic consequences.

  8.    You cannot continue to grow in numbers and expect I will always be able to
         support you. You are stressing out my ability to carry you much longer.

  9.   You cannot continue to recklessly extract my resources and expect they will
        last forever.

  10.    You cannot continue to produce long-lasting toxic chemicals and expect
         not to suffer.

  11.    You cannot continue to undermine the diversity and regenerative capacities
         of my ecosystems and expect you will be spared.

  12.    You cannot continue the inequitable distribution of resources and expect
         your human needs will be met.

  13.    One last reminder: I am the only home for all of you. You have no other
         home to which you can escape. Forget Mars. Get this your only home
         in order and you will all be blessed.


How large is the Universe anyway? How many galaxies? How many suns? How much Life is out there?

What astronauts in space say about the Earth—and us?


The Journey –  13 billion years —from stardust to species.




  1. our only home

  2. Earth speaking

  3. guiding principles

  4. thinking differently


No Frames. No Boundaries

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As seen from the perspective of Russell Schweickart, Apollo 9 astronaut


  1. 1.What does this larger perspective mean to you?

  2. 2.What is Russell Schweickart saying to us?

  3. 3.What does “being inter-connected with all life” mean to you?

  4. 4.Why did Joe Campbell speak about the “earth” as our new mythology?

  5. The New Mythology  Joe Campbell on Myth

The big picture illuminates how nature’s laws operate unerringly to bring about the way it is, whether we acknowledge that or not.

From a higher level of consciousness we can see the way things are, and this gives rise to hope, inspiration and possibility.

Intelligent guiding principles put us all on the same page where the shift work carries on – each playing a part, and together making the difference needed.

A profound shift to the bigger picture acknowledges  “we are all one,” and that changes everything.

More Big Picture Videos

Wombat is a cartoon image of a Big Picture.

Global Mindshift explains it more succinctly.

And Bounce or Crash gives a visual of what’s at stake.

Spiritual teacher Adyashanti describes how reaching a point of crisis can lead to a shift in consciousness, both individually and collectively. With time running out, the pressures mount for Life to take care of itself—to evolve, to awaken and do what needs to be done to survive and flourish.

So let the impending crisis be a catalyst to change—not out of fear, but as an opportunity—an opportunity to play a part in Life taking care of itself.

Carl Sagan - The Pale Blue Dot

“The Earth is a very small stage [for life] in a vast cosmic arena...There is no place else to which our species could migrate. It is our only home.”

Easter Island is a metaphor for what could happen to all life on the planet.

The Big Picture is the inter-connectedness of all things on the planet. No matter what your creation story is, we are One people, One family and this is our only home. We have just ONE chance to do it right.

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No Frames. No Boundaries

As seen from the perspective of Russell Schweickart, Apollo 9 astronaut