Life Taking Care of Itself

“In a time of crisis, pressures mount for Life to take care of itself—to evolve, to awaken and do what needs to be done to survive and flourish.”


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Public policy shapes the future, and much of it takes us in the wrong direction. Policies antagonistic to nature’s ways are leading to catastrophe. We the people need to apply pressure for a shift in public policy that is aligned with the big picture; policy that supports all living beings and serves the sustaining whole. If public policy doesn’t change, all of our individual efforts will be for naught.

From Provincial Politics to a Planetary Perspective

We have seen a quantum leap in human population in the last 200 years. The earth is over crowded, natural resources are dwindling, pollution is rising and too many species are disappearing. Yet most countries’ political orientation remains provincial relative to these mounting conditions threatening all life. The Shift is a planetary perspective that takes these conditions seriously. It shifts the politics, the way governments work, and how people respond. People are realizing they are voting every time they buy something; every time they invest their money, every time they sit down to eat. Our day-to-day habitual behavior is shaping the kind of future our children will inherit.

Parker Palmer

Look within to see the problem

The empty self is a self living in fear. To fill the void, one looks to get an identity from the outside; not from within. Be wary of someone who says follow me; I will save you. A strong democracy requires a constituency of people with healthy identities found from within.

“Well-being” - what is it, and how can public policy raise well-being?

This is a discussion about what well-being means, and whether we can be happy without the economy growing.


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