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MOVIES AND QUESTIONS: (for reflection and discussion)

Miniature Earth and True Security give us some  perspective.

Child Speaks Out  A plea for you adults to “change your ways”

Kids on Earth Project

Nature Education. Nature Circles, Children and Nature,  52 Ways to Love the Earth

Nature Circle: Becoming a Facilator

Global warming. How serious is it?

Stop global warming. People are demanding that it stop. Is it realistic?

Vote with your money What is your spending saying to the world?

The Food Revolution.  Is the food revolution happening fast enough?

John Robbins - Global-local; food on our plate says a lot.

Precautionary Principle:  Carol Raffensperger. “Do no harm”

What’s the worst that can happen?  1st movie of  10

About governance relating to quality of life...

   What should the underlying organizing principles be for setting policies, incentives/disincentives to preserve and raise quality of life?

   What do you see as the step by step timetables for actions?

Watch: What Would It Look Like? An excellent 25 minute video about transformation presented by the Global Oneness Project. Can we “transform” and can we do it in time?

The global community is increasingly aware that quality of [all] life is under siege.  Pollution, toxicity, global warming, and undernourishment are all increasing. Natural resources are depleting, water tables dropping, and world poverty mounting. The movement to solve these problems will require an effort equal to the speed, money and energy that went into the WW II armament campaign—only this time it will have to be an international campaign.  The Millenium Goals for 2015 apply to these issues. More on the millenium goals: Why must Americans support them?

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Precautionary Principle what you can do

Transition Towns. Building local communities

NewDream for America

The Millenium Goals - to achieve by 2015???

Simple Living Resources

Green For All. Green jobs for getting people out of poverty.

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Gratitude is the response that uplifts quality of life.

Quality of Life