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Awakening. 10 sessions with Eckart Tolle and Oprah.

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In England, “Transition Towns” is a good example of this. Check it out. Could it be transplanted here in the U.S.?

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Where’s Matt now?

How does being inclusive (meditation) build community? Can we expand personal identity to include the larger whole? Grasping that puts us on a path of sustainability and healthy communities.

Pachamama Alliance. An example of different cultures working in community for a common purpose.

The purpose of Changing The Dream symposiums is to ignite a global conversation that makes the new dream a reality; ”bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritual fulfilling, and socially just human presence in the world.” The symposiums are being held around the country.

Threat to living communities- In India. What’s the challenge here?

Culture Change. Links to great related web sites

The global challenge is to live in community

How high are the stakes? Martin Luther King said in March of 1976, “We must learn to survive together as brothers, or we will all perish together as fools.”  That’s the bigger picture in a nutshell. 

The Big Picture changes everything. Our commonality is found in Nature’s fundamental principle that everything is connected; we are each a whole and part of a larger whole that sustains all Life. We are one human community that will survive and thrive together as brothers, or perhaps none of us will.

Our Social-Spiritual Lives
and The Shift

The nature of the Shift rests largely on the quality of our social and spiritual lives. If we are centered mostly on ourselves - separate and apart from any concern for the Whole - the Shift is likely to be very harsh, with much carnage along the way. If we serve the welfare of the Whole, the Shift will be exciting, life-giving, and uplifting.

Egoism vs Love