Where are we heading?

In 1972, system analysts published The Limits to Growth which plotted various scenarios relating to the prognosis for humanity. In 8 of their 9 scenarios, long term survival would be in jeopardy. Thirty years later, in 2002, they updated their prognosis and concluded: “Humanity has squandered the opportunity to correct its current course of 30 years.”

Also in 1972, The Rand McNally Atlas published The Earth and Man and said this; “If left unchecked, the twin perils of pollution and human conflict  could remove man from the world that he has helped to shape. All that would be left is the ruins of a spent civilization.”

Now, in 2009, it still goes on largely unchecked and this has put us behind the 8 ball. THE SHIFT is not only crucial, it must happen with the speed, money and energy equal to WWII’s armament campaign.

For the shift to succeed it will take a massive people’s movement.
We can’t wait for the people with big money, high positions and power to take the lead. Though they could and must play a part in this, more likely it’s going to be the work of tens of millions of people growing in awareness, making different choices, influencing public policy, and inventing fresh approaches to a just, compassionate, and sustainable world. One by one. Moment by moment.

Where does one begin?

May we suggest five frames for personal reflection and dialogue as we progress together on this transformational shift. 

# 1 Is my understanding of the way things are, and how they got to be this way.

# 2 Is my seeing the interconnectedness of everything, including all that I do.

# 3 Is finding a role I can and choose to do to make a difference in the shift.

# 4 Is becoming ever more effective and smarter about what I choose to do.

# 5 Is living in the moment as the shift happens within and through me.

You may want to rework these five frames, but the key is to interact, communicate, and follow intention with action.

Every person’s approach to the shift is unique. Are you a fighter? Do some roadblock barrier busting. Are you a visionary? Paint the picture of where you think we should be going. Are you political? Find candidates who share the shift perspective. Whatever it is, find YOUR niche and go for it.

Every page has great videos. When you find one you really like, recommend it to others. Or form a small group like ours to dialogue on The Shift issues.

The Applied Hope page gives encouragement. The COMMUNICATEpage is for expressing YOUR ideas and responses, or submitting a new blog idea. We can’t publish them all, and some may need to be edited. The Blog Postings all relate to the shift in some way. Use the “Key Word Search” to select blog postings that interest you most, and add your comments to them as well.

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We hope this site makes a difference for you.

The 12 Keys of Spiritual Activism

by the Humanity Healing Network

Embracing the path of Spiritual Activism is in itself a Path of Transformation.

We can shift our perspectives of reality through seeking service beyond self.

The core dynamics behind the Spiritual Keys are...

1. All Action MUST be based on compassion.

.    When championing a Cause, mindset must be altruistic and the motivating emotion must be positive.

.    “Compassionate action involves working with ourselves as much as working with others.” - Pema Chodron

  1. 2.Compassion flows from the understanding of the Connection between all living beings. Our actions shift from one of “us helping

.     them” to one of “for the good of All”. We become one. Spiritual Activism is action for the benefit of something, not against something.

3. Compassion must be applied with Wisdom.

.    There are more Causes that exist than an individual or group can possibly be involved with. So, choose your causes carefully. “True wisdom is
         knowing how to alter one’s mind when the occasion demands it.” - Terrence

  1. 4.Apply synergy and teamwork to accomplish goals. Synergy is the process where two or more actions combine to produce an effect

.    greater than the sum of all its individual parts. Whenever possible, team up with others to acquire a multifaceted and more holistic approach.

5. Spiritual Activism is the pursuit of service for the good of all.

.    The mindset behind your actions must be noble, holistic, Universal and non-partisan. Be mindful that ego and self-service have no place in
        Spiritual Activism.

6. Pursue Integrity, Honesty and Dignity in the conduct of your Actions.

.    Integrity is doing the right thing even if no one is watching. Embrace Mindfulness and practice Spiritual Transparency, allowing negative
        energies to bypass your system without harming it.

7. Do not defame your detractors or those who doubt you.

.    A confrontational approach leads to a defensive reaction. Approach others with Openness and Compassion in your heart. Aspire to always be
         a Peacemaker. “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” - Gandhi.

  1. 8.Raising another up raises you up as well. Helping another becomes a form of self-love as well as an expression of outward love. This

.    becomes an upwardly spiraling cycle of increasing awareness, connection, compassion, involvement, capacity, and back to increasing awareness.

9. Learn to listen to your heart and not your mind.

.    Your mind may only see the problem. Your heart will always feel the solution. Learn to act with Faith.

.    “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

10. Search out viable and sustainable solutions.

.    Seek out solutions that maintain or restores the dignity of individual human and their communities. The goal of Spiritual Activism is to raise

.    another up, not make them dependent.

11. Do not judge yourself simply by the results of your actions.

.    Maintain a sense of detachment as to overall results. Learn to see yourself not on where you have reached, but on the Path you are traveling.
        “The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.” -

Thich Nhat Hanh

12. Let Metta be the motivation for you Actions.

.    If you cultivate Metta (the practice of loving-kindness) in your heart, you will succeed. “Kindness in giving creates Love.” - Lao Tzu. So, start from
         a position of pure and altruistic Love.

                Spiritual Activism is about reconnecting the concepts of personal spiritual growth and societal action.

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12 Keys of Spiritual Activism