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What are you supporting?

We can’t all be leaders all of the time. When we aren’t leading we can follow. We can support others who are taking a leading position. At all times we can show compassion, understanding, and love.

Being tolerant, listening, doing good

Know What You Are For

Ways of Supporting The Shift

...from war to peace

...from ego system to eco system

...from competition to collaboration

...from chain of command to web of


...from markets to networks

...from heirarchy to holarchy

...from love of power to power of love

Indiscriminate Love

Indiscriminate love loves everything and everyone. It is most powerful when we are conscious of what we are FOR, rather than what we are against.


Turn this world around

Mode of Action relating to building a more just, com-passionate, spiritual fulfilling and sustainable world.

  1. Supporting what's worthwhile; implementing; promoting; replicating; working for the common-good; voting by ballot and by behavior.

We Are The World

We are the children.