C1–The Shift In Action

Be thinking about YOUR role and what you could and want to do.


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The drive to survive and thrive is a common bond rooted in our nature. And at no time in history has “The Shift for Life” been more critical than now.

No one here is saying what you “should” do. No one is recruiting you for a cause. And no one is claiming to possess the whole truth about anything. What you think about and do is your decision.

Hopefully, enough people will rise up to make the difference needed.

we are

One people, One family, One planet, with One Chance.

“We come together as brothers and sisters, not to blame, complain or demean, but to uplift, inspire and activate our individual and collective aliveness for the benefit and well-being of all life, including our own.
No ideology, religion, political persuasion, or socio-economic background separate us from this common purpose that bind us together as One.”

Are You Ready?

Behind “The Shift” are YOUR actions for “a more just, compassionate, spiritual fulfilling and sustainable world.”

(the Pachamama mission)

The Dalei Lama says, “Don’t struggle to make things other than they are.”

The moment is irreversible.

All you can do is choose your response to what is. And your choice brings about a new reality of YOUR making. And that’s powerful!

We Can Never Know The Full Ripple Effect of Our Actions

(No matter how small it might seem–it all adds up.)

The Ripple Effect: 7:39  Never underestimate the potential of a well designed and timely action. Read “The Trim-Tab Factor” (left).  Create a tide that will raise the level of Consciousness on this planet.

Where the power of love takes us

...from war to peace

...from ego system to eco system

...from competition to collaboration

...from chain of command to web of


...from markets to networks

...from heirarchy to holarchy

...from love of power to power of love

shifting from the heart


  1. a huge movement

  2. your thinking matters

  3. encouraging words

  4. celebrate

First select a category...

  1. Economic, Environment, Peace, Political, Social-Spiritual

then a mode of action

  1. O visioning:  O creating:

  2. O organizing: O educating:

  3. O supporting:

modes of action effecting change:

  1. Visioning: a different path; new/modified life-giving economic and political systems; new approaches, strategies and designs.    

  2. Creating:: initiating something new & unique; solution thinking; innovating, inventing;

  3. Organizing: stopping destructive activity, protests, boycotts, tree sitting, legal and legislative campaigns; community development; forming consortiums; collaborations.

  4. Educating: consciousness raising; truth seeking; awakening; alternative


In order to turn a large ship in a different direction, a small change in the trim tab will move the large rudder for making the turn. The “trim tab factor” is a metaphor for The Shift. If we’re smart, we will activate creative trim tabs for altering humanity’s errant course.

 Ten suggestions for stepping up your “Shift” work.
Pay attention to the way things really are.                        GO
Reflect on what the “big picture” means for Life           GO
Examine your abilities to effect change                          GO
Name your purpose relating to the Shift.			      GO
Enlist (or join with) others having a similar purpose.       GO
Agree on principles relating to purpose.			      GO
Set goals you think are worthy to work on.			      GO
Create flexible strategies & tactics.		                       GO
Stay open to new inputs and adaptive change.		      GO
Rethink work that ceases to be personally satisfying.	      GOTHE_SHIFT_A.htmlTHE_SHIFT_B.htmlNew_Thinking.htmlWhat_you_think.htmlEncourage_words.htmlShift_Principles.htmlCELEBRATE.htmlCELEBRATE.htmlCELEBRATE.htmlWhat_you_think.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0shapeimage_11_link_1shapeimage_11_link_2shapeimage_11_link_3shapeimage_11_link_4shapeimage_11_link_5shapeimage_11_link_6shapeimage_11_link_7shapeimage_11_link_8shapeimage_11_link_9

It’s Happening!

The Shift



The Shift In Action

“Nothing so satisfies a life as knowing

                there is something to do,

                that one CAN do,
  and that is needed by the world at large.”

Philosopher William Hocking’s final words to humanity

“I BELIEVE YOU have the power to change the world”

“I believe ordinary people can do extraordinary things”

☛  Spiritual_Activism.htmlshapeimage_15_link_0
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Here’s a sample 3 minute video—with text

                  by the Humanity Healing Foundation

Think of these pages as grist for thinking how you might possibly serve “The Shift” more effectively than you are now. Examine your passions, abilities and purpose and match them up with what’s needed. How you participate is up to you.

Aliveness and Alignment

Like a single cell in our big toe has an interest in serving the toe AND the whole body at the same time - so too, a person has an interest in simultaneously serving the Self AND the Whole which sustains our lives. That’s how nature is designed to work. We either align with it, or continue in defiance toward unbearable catastrophic consequences. How far off course can we go before that happens?

For thousands of years, we’ve been moving and more and more off course–distancing ourselves from the Whole that sustains our lives.

To move back into alignment with nature’s universal and non-negotiable laws, humanity will have to “Shift” its course in order to survive and thrive long term. Getting back to our innate aliveness is the path for doing that.

12 Keys of Spiritual Activism