Artists. Humanity is having a serious problem and needs your expertise. It is rapidly heading for the wall — the point of no return where breakdown and collapse becomes unavoidable.

Our aggregate consumption is overshooting the planet’s carrying capacity, and natural life support systems continue to erode.

It’s not like we’re bad people. We’re more like frogs in a pot of warming water, not realizing it’s rising to the boiling point—the point of perish where it’s too late to jump out. We are not yet clear that if we stay on our current path, extinction is a real possibility, if not inevitable. So, the key question is; What will it take for us to wake up and do what we need to do for humanity to survive and thrive?

So, dear friends in the world of art, this is where you can be of service to humanity and possibly profit from it as well. With your artistic minds and talent, you could be instrumental in awakening humanity to its dire predicament. Your creative work could inspire engagement with the issue, and induce meaningful actions toward doing what is needed to survive and thrive for the long term.

Some artistic pieces have already been produced, like the two recent documentaries, "Food, Inc." which explores the stark realities of the world's food dilemma; and "The Cove" - a look at overfishing. And, there's much more out there.

One person, Chris Jordan, has taken up "consumerism photography" is get our minds into paying attention. He makes posters like the one showing 8 million toothpicks to depict 8 million trees cut down to produce produce mail order catalogs - per month! Or the poster of 2 million plastic bottles for comprehending the 2 million plastic bottles trashed — every 5 minutes!

If there is one word that might encompass the vision and goal for this monumental project, that word is "Aliveness". The premise is, ordinary people with aliveness have the power to change the world.

Aliveness here refers to the people whose transformed awareness and thinking inspires and motivates them to make the difference desperately needed by the world at large.

Social scientists say only a small minority ( 11%) would be enough to influence the others, including people at the top of our economic, political and social structures, to shift societies in the direction of just, sustainable, and spiritual fulfilling communities.

Within this setting, we are placing a lot of trust in your gifted minds, energy and talent to give The Shift movement a much needed boost. And, please, pass this letter to your artist friends. Thank you.

Here's an opportunity to serve the world and expand your business at the same time.

An open letter to artists everywhere