Just so you know –


will have the Bigger Picture in mind in all their deliberations and decisions - even in the face of their biggest critics and benefactors.

I hope you will ponder these five points about the Bigger Picture perspective, because more and more people, including myself, are seeking out candidates who feel strongly about it.  

One. Meaningful survival is deeply embedded inside our nature. The more it is threatened, the more people awaken to do what needs to be done to survive and flourish. Right now we’re looking for candidates committed to a higher perspective—the Bigger Picture. Are you one?

Two. The overriding vision of the “Bigger Picture” is “making things whole”doing what one thinks will best serve the common good, including the children, their children and their children's children. How does your vision connect with making things whole?

Three. Actions follow vision. We need concrete laws, policies, regulations, tax bills, incentive programs and mandates that are congruent with the Bigger Picture. For example, we want to see more leadership in optimizing renewable energy initiatives and affordable health care for all; anti deforestation policies; recovering declining water tables; reversing air and water pollution trends; preventing and ending all senseless wars, closing the widening income gap; accelerating eco-sustainability so 3 billion additional people in 2050 can have meaningful lives; and election reform that removes the power of big money from the election process. What are your views?

Four. People are aware and angry over the locked-in status quo positioning that tends to foster immediate benefits for the few, at the expense of the many. Will you be stepping up to challenge policies, programs, and institutions irrelevant and counter productive to the Bigger Picture?

Five. With today's advanced transparent communications technologies, people are much more aware of how deep pocket lobbyists and special interests influence politicians. Will you be staying above the fray of Washington’s greed-driven shenanigans?

To summarize, if you have the courage to hold to the Bigger Picture vision, you may be surprised to find more people behind you than you now think. So paint the bigger picture your way. Tell your story, and let go of the political outcome because you might not win. But, if you stay true to your deepest nature of wholeness, you will never regret it. That you can count on.

Are you the "Bigger Picture" candidate I will vote for?