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What is YOUR Vision essay

We need visionaries who light up different paths leading to sustainable, peaceful, and spiritual fulfilling lives. We’re highlighting  just a few well-known visionaries in their fields like; David Korten, William McDonough, and Joanna Macy. But more important, you are the visionary for what you want. 

Design economic activity around life - not money; around self reliant communities, not the maximization of profits.

David Korten

Visioning “The Great Turning

Imagine the Headlines of the Future

What is your vision for getting there?

Visioning the Third Great Shift In Human History

It’s more important and crucial than either the Agriculture Revolution or the Industrial Revolution because NOW, ALL Life is at stake.

Joanna Macy goes on to define three modes of action engaged in by people working for change—for shifting humanity in a different direction.

We are overshooting the planet’s carrying capacity. So, how can we live sustainably on this one and only planet. William McDonough offers a “cradle to cradle” economic system design;Our goal is a delightfully diverse, safe, healthy and just world, with clean air, water, soil and power – economically, equitably, ecologically and elegantly enjoyed.” This shift in intention is a sign of hope for a livable future.

from a Big Picture perspective...

Visioning a cradle-to-cradle economic system

Modes of Action relating to building a more just, compassionate, spiritual fulfilling and sustainable world.

  1. Visioning: a different path; new/modified life-giving economic and political systems; new approaches, strategies and designs.    

  2. Creating:: initiating something new & unique; solution thinking; innovating, inventing;

  3. Organizing: stopping destructive activity, protests, boycotts, tree sitting, legal and legislative campaigns; community development; forming consortiums; collaborations.

  4. Educating: consciousness raising; truth seeking; awakening; alternative perspectives; values exploration, assumptions questioning; possibility thinking.

  5. Supporting: values based: what's worthwhile; implementing; promoting; replicating; working for the common-good; voting by ballot and by behavior.

“What oxygen is to the lungs, such is hope to the meaning of life”

Visualize the world better off by fulfilling your dreams


  1. worldwide movement

  2. your thinking matters

  3. encouraging words

choose a category first...

  1. Economic, Environmental, Peace, Political, Social-Spiritual                   then...

choose a mode of action...

  1. Visioning, Creating, Organ-izing, Educating, Supporting

Visioning: a different path; a desired outcome, new/modified life-giving economic and political systems; new approaches, strategies and designs, what you want.