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Astronauts reflect on earth’s meaning.

Images of what we all love

We are all One. We are all connected.

“The ultimate purpose is to promote both inner and universal healing of Humanity.

The Journey – perhaps the biggest picture of all; from stardust to species.

The Universe - How big is it?

A Global MindShift

You can’t solve problems from the same level of thinking at which they were created (Einstein).  We need to see ourselves as an interconnected whole. We need to be concerned about the global common good.

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THE SHIFT “A”, “B”, “C

The Shift In Action

Be thinking about what YOU could do and go for it...











C12–Engaged Youth



Working on ourselves

  1. Here are two short meditations that may have meaning for you.

  2. One is about being present. Being centered in the present moment helps illuminate a hope that one can do and wants to do.

  3. The other is about authenticity. Authentic within and without. Both help bring Life into balance.

  4. Consciousness and Space. How often do we respond to the immediate demands of the object world instead of allowing Space for dealing with it.

  5. Enlightenment - the egoless state that can only exist in the present moment. Possible?

  6. Eckhart Tolle dialogues with Oprah. Ten 1.5 hr. live shows on his book A New Earth.

  7. Away from ego - Tolle exercises on Oprah’s show.

  1. INTENTION - How powerful is it? Can it change the world?

Aliveness is the ground for The Shift

...from war to peace

...from ego system to eco system

...from competition to collaboration

...from chain of command to web of


...from markets to networks

...from heirarchy to holarchy

...from love of power to power of love


Consciousness is about waking up from a limited view, and seeing the way things are from a much broader perspective. From this awareness we can see how everything is interconnected.

Our inner wisdom values living in the present, while also making the moment count for the common good.

This page is still being developed

—rediscovering our inner wisdom—


  1. 1.Will humanity crash or bounce?

  2. 2.What is your inner wisdom saying about the way things are?

More Research:

The Age of Stupid (movie trailer)

Seeing More Clearly

We all need to see more clearly the truth of the way things are on this planet, or we’ll blindly stumble along, not making the changes needed to survive and thrive long term.