C1–The Shift In Action

Be thinking about YOUR role and what you could and want to do.


The big picture illuminates how nature’s laws operate unerringly to bring about the way it is, whether we acknowledge that or not.

From a higher level of consciousness we can see the way things are, and from there rises hope, inspiration and possibility.

Intelligent guiding principles put us all on the same page where the shift work carries on – each playing a part, and together making the difference needed.

If we can do that, the possibility that we will survive and thrive looks pretty good.

THE SHIFT “A”, “B”, “C

What does it take to be an effective Shift-Maker?

  1. 1.It takes a deep connection with All Life.

  2. 2.It takes a Vision inspired by the hope.

  3. 3.It takes devotion to Guiding Principles.

  4. 4.It takes the Power of  wisdom and love.

Paul Hawkin; “An awakening, a rising, a revolution, a movement is growing and spreading silently across the world. It has no center, no leader and no central ideology.
This is a civil rights movement, a human rights movement, an environmental movement, a democracy movement. It is the coming world. This movement doesn’t seek power. It seeks to decentralize power. It is conducive to life. It is humanity’s immune response to heal political disease, economic infection and ecological corruption.”

One people. One family. One planet. One Chance.

We come together as brothers and sisters, not to blame, complain or demean, but to uplift, inspire and activate our individual and collective aliveness for the benefit and well-being of all life, including our own.

Ordinary people taking the lead

We can’t wait for the people with big money, high positions and power to take the lead. Though they could and must play a part in this, more likely it’s going to be the work of tens of millions of people growing in awareness, making different choices, influencing public policy, electing the right officials, and innovating for the well-being of all life—a more just, compassionate, and sustainable world. The time is now. Every moment presents an opportunity.

Aliveness awakens the global heart

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2. Ask Yourself, “Is my work also fulfilling my dreams?

Indiscriminate Love

Indiscriminate love loves everything and everyone. It is most powerful when we are conscious of what we are FOR, rather than what we are against.  


1. Ask Yourself, “What am I FOR?”

The Shift and YOU...

As you explore these pages, be thinking about what matches your passion, ability, and meaning as it relates to The Shift.

Search this web site for any topic of interest to you

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Where does your interest lie?

A solutions movement will have to kick in on a massive scale, with ultimate speed, efficiency, money and energy. You have your own thoughts about possibility—possibility born out of dreams, vision, reflection, and inventiveness. And, what YOU think matters for “
Making the Difference Needed”.


Many of the world’s most serious problems can be traced to a debilitating state of powerlessness.

What YOU Think and Do Matters...

No one is perfect. No one has all the answers. We are going to need each other more than at any time in humanity’s long history. So we need to talk. Every voice and action is important. Not only do we need to be more responsible personally, we need to influence policy-makers, legislators, and businesses to re-evaluate priorities in alignment with the common good. 

There is HOPE

From a state of Aliveness, new ways of thinking and working together for the benefit of all life becomes the primary driving force behind the Great Turning ala The Shift.


  1. a huge movement

  2. your thinking matters

  3. encouraging words

First select a category...

  1. Economic, Environment, Peace, Political, Social-Spiritual

then a mode of action

  1. O visioning:  O creating:

  2. O organizing: O educating:

  3. O supporting:

  1. 3.Ask, What “Mode of Action” Is Right For Me?
    relating to a more just, compassionate, spiritual fulfilling and sustainable world?

  2. Visioning: a different path; new/modified life-giving economic and political systems; new approaches, strategies and designs.    

  3. Creating:: initiating something new & unique; solution thinking; innovating, inventing;

  4. Organizing: stopping destructive activity, protests, boycotts, tree sitting, legal and legislative campaigns; community development; forming consortiums; collaborations.

  5. Educating: consciousness raising; truth seeking; awakening; alternative perspectives; values exploration, assumptions questioning; possibility thinking.

  6. Supporting: values based: what's worthwhile; implementing; promoting; replicating; working for the common-good; voting by ballot and by behavior.

Parker Palmer warns us of the danger of giving up our power to others.

“We come together as brothers and sisters, not to blame, complain or demean, but to uplift, inspire and activate our individual and collective aliveness for the a and well-being of all life, including our own. No ideology, religion, political persuasion, or differing socio-economic backgrounds separate us.  We are One people, One family, living on One planet, with One chance to make it.”

Joanna Macy on the Great Turning

There is HOPE

A “PARALLEL POWER” is the energy of people with good will, compassion and intention that by-pass the walls of resistance to get things done for the betterment of people and all other life.



Every action you take is a “strand in the global rope”

shifting humanity on a life-centered course—to a more just,

compassionate, spiritual fulfilling and sustainable world.

Margaret Mead once said. . . “Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, that is the only thing that ever has.”