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Regaining this kind of aliveness is probably humankind’s only route to survival, meaning and fulfillment.

We are the Millennials, sometimes called the GEN-WE generation. Born between 1978 and 2000, our numbers under age 30 are about 95 million.

Hear us out.  <Gen-we.com>

OTHER MOVIES AND QUESTIONS: (for reflection and discussion)

We Are Ready. Youth are ready for a shift in action.

Youth and Sustainability: Van Jones

Kari Fulton: Youth taking action for social-environmental justice.

Planet: peril or promise. What can WE do about it?

Nature Education. Nature Circles, Children and Nature,  52 Ways to Love the Earth

Nature Circle: Becoming a Facilator

Random Kid  Water Project

  1. Search for Common Ground. Engaged in 20 countries, SFCG brings proven practices in conflict transformation to leaders, organizations and communities around the world

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Youth “Awakening the Dreamer” Training: May 31 - June 7 in N.M.

Yes! Youth leadership development

GEN-WE blog

Organizations started by kids. at Idealist.org  How to start your own.

Kids Call - a World Futures Council branch

Earth pioneer, Severn Suzuki’s began at age 9.

Become a “Peace Site” school or church.

PeacePals are compassionate young leaders writing to one another.

Kids On Earth  Kids creative environmental activities world-wide.

StarChildren Foundation Work with Youth

Green Foundation. Inspires a youth culture concerned and motivated to act on behalf of global preservation.

The Water Watcher - 12 year old Elizabeth Rintels

An even younger generation is speaking out. Hear this 12 year old who traveled 5,000 miles to deliver a message to The United Nations  Earth Summit in 1992.  Severn Suzuki said, “We are here to tell you adults that you must change your ways, because you are deciding what kind of world we will grow up in.”

12 year old Severn Suzuki





12 year old Joran Jansen singing Michael Jackson’s “WE ARE THE WORLD


CREATING biodiesel fuel with a new process.