“Listen up...This is Earth speaking

  1.    I am a living, breathing organism functioning to support all life, including you.

  2.    You do not have dominion over me. I am the Big Picture you must take into
         account in all your decisions.

  3.    You are One family on this planet—all part of me. What you do to me, you
         do to yourselves.

  4.    You can no longer fail to get along. Either you are all going to survive and
         thrive together as brothers, or you will all die together as fools.

  5.    You foolishly fight futile, wasteful, and destructive wars that drain your
         ability to focus on and care for the whole and each other.

  6.    You ignore me and let the four beasts of Ego, Envy, Avarice and Ambition
         dominate your thinking and behavior—to your own peril as a species.

  7.    You must either align yourselves with my universal and non-negotiable laws
         or suffer unbearable catastrophic consequences.

  8.    You cannot continue to grow in numbers and expect I will always be able to
         support you. You are stressing out my ability to carry you much longer.

  9.   You cannot continue to recklessly extract my resources and expect they will
        last forever.

  10.    You cannot continue to produce long-lasting toxic chemicals and expect
         not to suffer.

  11.    You cannot continue to undermine the diversity and regenerative capacities
         of my ecosystems and expect you will be spared.

  12.    You cannot continue the inequitable distribution of resources and expect
         your human needs will be met.

  13.    And one last reminder: I am the only home for all of you. You have no other
         home to which you can escape. Forget Mars. Get this your only home
         in order and you will all be blessed.

Sook Holdridge


For thousands of years we have assumed Earth has unlimited resources; that they exist for our perpetual use and pleasure. Endless economic growth has been primary, and personal gain the goal.

The Shift changes everything. It begins in our minds; our relationship with one another and all other life is primary. In the Big Picture, we need to “survive and thrive as brothers, or we will die together as fools.” (Martin Luther King)

The new mantra must be “eco-sustainable” growth, and jobs that meet this criteria.

Serving The Sustaining Whole

For the continuance of all Life, imagine what Earth might tell us if it could speak our language: